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Bite Alignment with Invisalign – Bloomington, IN

Correct Your Bite with Clear Aligners

invisalign clear alignerYou know Invisalign in Bloomington can discreetly move your teeth into position for an attractive smile. Did you know the clear aligners can also correct your bite issues? When your teeth or jaw do not fit together properly, it can lead to a variety of complications, like disorders of the temporomandibular joint or uneven wear on your enamel. Now, you do not need to use metal brackets and wires to correct the problem. You can enjoy a sophisticated solution with Invisalign.

woman holding invisalign

Why Do I Need to Fix My Bite?

A poorly aligned bite can cause social anxieties and speech difficulties; however, the complications do not stop there. It is common for an abnormal bite to place a strain on your temporomandibular joints, which connect your jaw to your skull on either side of your face. This can lead to a disorder that causes pain while also significantly impacting your quality of life.

You may also suffer from premature damage to your teeth from uneven pressure. You also have an increased likeliness for injury to your teeth or jaw if the issues are not corrected.

How Can Invisalign Help Me?

Invisalign does not use brackets or wires to move your teeth. Instead, your cosmetic dentist in Bloomington creates a series of clear aligners using an impression of your mouth. Each aligner gradually moves your teeth into their ideal positions. Not only does this correct gapped, tilted, rotated, or overcrowded teeth, but it can also resolve a variety of bite issues, such as:


An overbite occurs when the upper teeth extend too far over the lower ones, often making the lower teeth bite into the roof of the mouth.


When the lower teeth are positioned over the upper teeth, it is known as an underbite.

Dental Midlines

When the back bite does not match or fit correctly, it can impact the function of the jaw, often leading to a temporomandibular joint disorder.


A crossbite results from the upper teeth sitting inside the lower teeth. This is a leading cause of excessive enamel wear, and it can also cause misaligned jaw growth.

Open Bite

An open bite occurs when the upper and lower teeth do not overlap. Often it is caused by thumb sucking as a child.

clear aligner on dental mold

Is Invisalign Right for Me?

Invisalign is often the ideal solution for those who want a less noticeable treatment to correct their bite and alignment concerns. Dr. Barco performs the comprehensive consultation you need to ensure you are a candidate for clear aligners. You must be committed to wearing them for at least 22 hours per day and following his recommendations during your treatment. In as little as 12 months, you can have the results you want for a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile.

Contact Barco Family Dentistry today to schedule your consultation for Invisalign.