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4 Foods That Fight Against Gum Disease

December 28, 2022

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Healthy foods that prevent gum disease

If you didn’t already know, gum disease is surprisingly common and easy to get. According to the CDC, roughly half of Americans over thirty have some form of it! As such, you’ll want to do what you can to fight the condition. It’s a good thing, then, that certain foods can help you do so. Your Bloomington dentist can even tell you about a few. To that end, here’s a summary of four food items that prevent or manage gum disease.


5 Simple Ways to Keep Gums Healthy

December 22, 2022

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A close-up of a woman with healthy gums

Like most people, you may equate good oral health with strong, robust teeth. After all, pearly whites are the most eye-catching part of the mouth! However, healthy gums are also crucial to your oral cavity’s well-being. Without them, you’ll suffer from gum disease and other dental health problems. Fortunately, your Bloomington Dentist is here to keep such issues at bay. Read on to learn five helpful tips that’ll protect your gum tissue.


Protect Your Gum Health Using Your Dental Insurance

November 11, 2022

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Dental insurance form on deskYou might believe cavities are the only threat to your smile, but there may be another danger lurking in your mouth. Gum disease is also a leading cause of tooth loss. Not only can it devastate your dental health, but it can also lead to several serious health issues. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 50% of adults have the preventable infection. If you’ve been ignoring red, swollen, or bleeding gums, here’s how you can use your dental insurance to avoid gum disease.


Your Gums Are Important, So Take Care of Them!

November 2, 2022

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closeup of a patient’s gums in Bloomington

Did you know that nearly 1 in every 10 American adults is affected by some form of gum disease? And unfortunately, unhealthy gums can lead to all sorts of complications that affect your smile as well as the rest of your body! Here’s more from your dentist in Bloomington about the connection between gum health and overall health and some tips for ensuring that your gums are as healthful and pink as possible!


Use Your Dental Insurance to Combat Gum Disease

October 7, 2022

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Dental insurance form, glasses, molar, and calculatorDid you know tooth decay it’s the only threat to your smile? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 50% of adults have gum (periodontal) disease, but many people don’t know they have the infection until it’s too late. Gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease, is easy to treat with no long-term complications. However, without treatment, advanced periodontitis can occur. Not only can this lead to tooth loss, but the infection may enter your bloodstream, increasing your risk of many health issues, like heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Thankfully, your dental insurance provides the coverage you need to avoid gum disease.


Want to Avoid Gum Disease? Make These Changes to Your Diet

September 12, 2022

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foods that can prevent gum disease in Bloomington

While tooth decay is one of the most prevalent dental concerns among Americans today, gum disease isn’t too far off. For adults over the age of 35, about three out of four of them have a minor to severe case and require periodontal therapy. Not to mention it’s the number one reason for tooth loss for adults in the U.S. Other than practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist every six months, a change in your diet can significantly reduce your risk of infection. Read on to learn about several vitamins and minerals you should add to your meals to prevent gum disease!


Why Is There a Bitter Taste In My Mouth?

August 22, 2022

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man with a bad taste in the mouth in Bloomington

It’s natural to experience a bitter taste left in your mouth after eating a meal packed with onions or garlic. But what does it mean if, following brushing your teeth, you still get the same sensation after some time? Unfortunately, this symptom could be an indication of a serious complication in your oral health. Keep reading to learn what can cause a bad taste in the mouth, prevention tactics, and how your dentist can help!


5 Tips for Picking the Right Cosmetic Dentist for You

August 8, 2022

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patient visiting a cosmetic dentist in Bloomington

Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks? Cosmetic dentistry may be the ideal option for you. Whether you want to brighten your teeth or reshape their size and spacing, you can be sure to achieve pearly whites you can be proud of. That said, you won’t just want anyone working on your smile, especially since you’ll expect the best results possible. Read on to learn five tips for choosing a cosmetic dentist to help create your dream teeth!


You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Benefit from Cosmetic Dentistry

July 4, 2022

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celebrity couple walking the red carpet

Do all famous people have great smiles? Not quite, but it can seem that way at times. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be famous to have top-tier teeth. Everyday people can also enjoy the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Keep reading to learn from your dentist in Bloomington how it can make you feel like a star!


Dating & Dental Health: How Smiles Affect Your Love Life

June 21, 2022

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Man and woman hugging each other

Many of you are getting ready for vacations and trips — for time away from work or school. However, you shouldn’t forget that there’s such a thing as “summer romance.” These months can make for some excellent dates! After all, what better time is there for long walks on the beach? To make this season’s flings more effective, you should consider the link between dating and dental health. That said, read this summary of the topic to make your summer  “steamy” in many ways!

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