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Composite vs. Porcelain: Which Veneer Material Is Right for You?

January 4, 2022

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Millions of Americans are unhappy with their smiles. If you’re not satisfied with your teeth and have multiple cosmetic issues you want to address, you’re probably thinking about getting veneers in Bloomington. Since there are different types of veneers to choose from, you might be thinking, “How do I know which one’s right for me?” Luckily, we’re here to help. Composite resin and porcelain are the most commonly used materials for veneers. However, they have some distinct differences between them. Read on to learn about these types of veneers and how to choose the best one for your needs. 

What Are Composite Veneers?

Some patients opt for composite over porcelain because it’s more cost-effective. An affordable price is an attractive benefit for some people because veneers are not covered by dental insurance, given that they’re considered a form of cosmetic dentistry. What’s more, if you choose to get composite veneers, you can often have them placed that same day. Your dentist will apply a color-matched resin to the affected tooth, sculpting it and shaping it to mask any imperfection from view. Once that step is done, the resin will be polished to elicit a natural appearance. A significant advantage of this type of veneer is that your teeth will not need to be permanently altered.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Even though composite veneers have a range of benefits, there’s one area in which they cannot compete with porcelain – durability. With proper care and maintenance, your porcelain veneers can easily last over a decade. Additionally, since porcelain has a translucent quality that’s similar to enamel, they offer a much more natural-looking appearance. It’s also highly resistant to staining and chipping because of the strength of the material and the glaze that’s applied after treatment. Although the procedure for porcelain veneers is a bit more invasive, it’s a viable solution for severe cases of discoloration, damage, and misalignment.

Which Material Is Right for You?

Ultimately, the only way to know for sure whether composite or porcelain veneers are right for you is to have a consultation with your dentist. They’ll evaluate your needs, assess your goals, and weigh your personal considerations to determine the best solution for your smile. If you’re looking for a fast and cost-effective treatment option, you may want to consider composite veneers. However, if you have a severe aesthetic concern and you’re looking for a more durable solution, porcelain veneers can give you the results you desire.

At the end of the day, both types of veneers are capable of transforming your smile into one you can confidently show off. If you’re ready to start your makeover, contact your dentist in Bloomington and make an appointment today. They’ll help you achieve your dream look in no time!

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