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Bloomington, IN Invisalign™ Orthodontics

Have you always wanted a straighter, more beautiful smile, but been deterred from seeking orthodontic care by the thought of traditional bracket and wire braces? You’re not alone. More and more often, we treat adult and adolescent patients for whom traditional orthodontics just isn’t the right solution. There are a number of reasons you may want a non-traditional orthodontic solution. In addition to the cosmetic concerns, traditional braces require years of treatment, regular, lengthy office visits, changes to diet and oral hygiene, and other inconveniences that may not fit your schedule or lifestyle. For these patients, Barco Family Dentistry may recommend Invisalign clear braces. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact our Bloomington dental office to schedule your Invisalign consultation. We welcome patients from nearby Ellettsville and Martinsville, IN.

Invisalign utilizes clear, plastic alignment trays rather than metal brackets and wires to shift teeth into alignment over the course of about a year of treatment. The process is simple. Each set of alignment trays represents one step closer to the ideal alignment. When worn for about two weeks, the pressure from the trays shifts teeth into this new position. Then, patients exchange the current alignment trays for the next set in the series. You will not need to visit us for adjustments the way you would with traditional braces, but you will need to have checkup appointments every six weeks to two months. These quick, painless appointments simply verify that your teeth are progressing as planned, and we are able to adjust your treatment plan as necessary to ensure you achieve your desired results. Best of all, Invisalign does not significantly impact your daily hygiene routine or diet. You simply need to remove the braces during meals and while cleaning teeth. Then, replace them and go on about your daily routine.