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Root Canals – Bloomington, IN

Eliminating Infection and Restoring Oral Health

A middle-aged woman smiling with her arm propped up on a table, showcasing the results of her root canals in Bloomington

Root canals in Bloomington often get a bad reputation. The common misconception that they are painful keeps many patients from seeking necessary treatment but fortunately, at Barco Family Dentistry, our team is here to debunk this myth and tell you that a root canal is anything but painful. In fact, the discomfort you feel isn’t from the procedure itself but instead from the infection living inside your tooth! This is why we are pleased to offer this safe and effective solution, so you can keep your natural tooth, be free from pain, and enjoy a restored smile that will be protected from further damage or decay. To find out more about this treatment, contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Symptoms That Indicate the Need for a Root Canal

A young woman wearing a suit and holding her cheek with her hand, showing a look of discomfort that is occurring in her mouth

Pain will most often be the key indicator that there is a problem going on inside your tooth. If not, you may not realize that there is an infection at all, which can make matters worse. The good news is that there are additional symptoms that can point to a necessary root canal, including:

  • Facial, neck, or head swelling
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Discoloration of a particular tooth
  • Pimple-like sores on the gums near the infected tooth

It will be up to your dentist in Bloomington to perform a thorough examination and determine if your tooth is in need of a root canal.

How the Procedure Works

An image of a dental dam placed around an infected tooth and dental tools being used to enter through the crown to access the decayed area of the tooth

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Barco will administer anesthesia to ensure you are completely comfortable during your visit. This will allow you to feel fully relaxed without worrying about what the dentist will be doing throughout the process.

Placing a dental dam around the tooth in question, this will isolate it and prevent your other natural teeth from any possible harm as well as saliva from seeping into the problem tooth. Dr. Barco will then use specialized tools to enter through the crown of the tooth until he has reached the innermost layer (the pulp). After cleaning away any decayed portions, he will clean out the canals and fill the tooth with gutta-percha. This seals off the tooth and prevents possible reinfection in the future.

Once the tooth is cleaned and filled, he will prep it by filing it down and taking an impression of the tooth. The impression will be sent off to dental technicians who will craft your custom dental crown, which will be cemented into place when ready.

In the meantime, you will be fitted with a temporary crown and sent home to properly recovery until your final restoration is ready, at which time you will return to have the temporary removed and finalized piece put into place.

Benefits of a Root Canal

A female patient smiling at her dentist while they use special tools to check her mouth after having a root canal

  • Saves your tooth from possible extraction
  • Protects your weakened tooth from further reinfection or damage
  • Eliminates the infection and alleviates any pain you might be experiencing
  • Enhances your smile due to the custom-made dental crown that matches your natural tooth color, size, and shape, creating a blended and seamless smile